Turpentine 6

Damon Nazareth, a man drawn to killing his own kind for personal gain, has little time to consider death, divine retribution or purgatory. They are a given. Offers of redemption, therefore, in common with miracles, are neither likely nor expected. So, when a demon in the guise of a deceased 1960’s New York gangster comes along touting such an offer there’d be no point in listening, would there? Just walk away... A sound plan, except for one irritating problem: shaking off the attentions of said demon prove more than a little difficult. By degrees tales of ancient pacts and the prospect of an era in decline become hard to discount or ignore, and Damon Nazareth soon finds himself pitted against unshackled evil, his promised redemption irrelevant as circumstances escalate towards chaos.

What chance for an assassin and a failed demon to hold sway? One atrocity after another leads relentlessly towards ultimate catastrophe. A universe devoid of its God, Evil bereft of restraint. Turpentine 6 - the consequences of original sin.

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The Icing Man

Jeremiah Clock takes early retirement  in order to indulge in his passion to bake and decorate cakes. His neighbours, Julian Stammers and Kathy Murkett, dabble in pornography, and when the couple are viciously attacked Jeremiah feels honour bound to help. Why has a doppelganger replaced Kathy? Why does the doppelganger then disappear?

Clock, his former lover, Sandy Warwick, and his Work Experience assistant are plunged into a world of pornography, murder and illusion as they try to discover the truth. A Rave killing, encounters with the erotic Ms White and sinister Reverend Black, a transvestite club: all conceal incredible truths.

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Rhymings of a Disintegrating Mind

A poetry compilation for those who appreciate a little rhyme in their poetry. Sources are:

For simplicity the poems have been loosely separated into the following categories:

‘Morbid Thoughts’, ‘Life’s Like That’, ‘Smile, Smile, Smile…’, ‘Love – Lost and Found’ and ‘Real or Surreal?’

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Iy Correction

Earth’s history has veered alarmingly off track. The anomaly is correctable – matters have been arranged to ensure this. But the project is threatened, the critical stage placed in jeopardy, by an unforeseen challenge.

As two intellects battle for supremacy, the Sphere of Transference, the universal controller of Time, plays out its own unfathomable game.

On Earth, Kef Atalan, heir apparent and lynchpin of his mentor’s carefully laid plans, finds his life in peril as he prepares to take up his predestined role. Conspiracy rapidly unfolds,and the importance and safety of his closest friend, Charles Maguire, unexpectedly becomes paramount.

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