A Christmas Cake in Spring

How to reconcile tradition with modern day life. It’s difficult; and in Japan it’s close to impossible. Asako Kurakawa, however, believes she has the answer. At work she maintains a reputation for efficiency and dedication, and as a consequence remains on the fringes of office society. Her social life, on the other hand, is far from conventional. A boyfriend - divorced, violent and obsessed; a best friend - roommate, actress, sister of Lesbos; and an overly anxious mother - without grandchildren.

These two worlds, for so long successfully kept apart, are about to collide, catalysed by her new assignment to an expat boss and the sudden emergence of a hostile company takeover. Malpractice and conspiracy rock her ordered workplace, with all fingers pointing at her gaijin boss. Is he all he seems? Is he guilty or the innocent target of an elaborate frame? So many questions. What cost in pursuing the answers? How far is Asako prepared to go to uncover the truth?

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Mirror Girl

A junk email: an invitation from 'Mirror Girl' to join her exclusive club. Decline  and continue a life of abject boredom. Accept and the maelstrom begins.

Now you need help. No problem. Rescue your landlady from her perverted hubby - instant karma. Strange people behaving in menacing ways... A rape, a murder. Call of the Americas.

Reality? Fantasy? From Harlow to San Francisco then on to Hawaii. Sounds great… But who is the serenading sumo? Can life become even more insane? Yes. Meet Miranda and Ralph, form an alliance, then commit.

Destroy the malevolence, destroy 'Mirror Girl'. Easy?

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The Fallen

A collection of poetry and prose looking at the darker side of life, both real and imagined.

Physical and mental decline, death and dying, the afterlife, the surreal and the real.

Ghosts, spirits, grim reapers, angels, vampires, illness, soldiers, ancient warriors and more.

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The Lost Property Window

The ‘Lost Property Window’ is a collection of poetry and rhyme about the real and surreal, the mundane and the bizarre.

Memories, objects, people, places, opinions, actions, prejudices, myths, legends… In fact poetry about life in which a touch of humour and/or irony reigns supreme… Usually…

Poems have been loosely separated into:

Life… With a Hint of Humour

Human Nature?

Natural Notes

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Useless Augustus Good for Nothing

Status: Mumbai resident. Mature, unemployed. Issues: about to be banned, possible onset of Alzheimer's.

Unusual features: male Asian elephant, no tusks, exceptionally well educated and, most important of all, sentient.

Quite a CV. Yet all he dreams of in his twilight years is that extra special job to give his life meaning… And yes, this could be it! Except there’s a teenage goth, her tyrannical mother and a giant bodyguard to contend with… And, oh dear, sedate Plan A is scrapped in favour of insane Plan B covering vast swathes of India.

An incredible journey to be sure and all the while this aging elephant clings to the vain hope that, before his mind disintegrates completely, maybe, just maybe, someone will sense his thoughts and learn of his extraordinary life… A tale for all ages

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The Potion Maker

The establishment; me – we don’t get along. Surprising really. Research chemist – responsible profession, worthy goals, a value to society? But, to quote my beloved ex, I’m a dick. No surprise, then, that the dark establishment and me were a match made in ‘Heaven’. And the consequences of all this philosophical BS? You help someone – there’s a price. Help another and the price skyrockets. And all because of a bunch of head-banging protons and neutrons – source of substances both fair and foul. Oh, and the dope judged most likely to successfully conjure up whatever the boss man fancies... The Potion Maker.

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a short story

Eyes are the windows to the soul, or so it is said. Yet what of all those windows? What do they see? Ask a damaged soul. He knows…

Commissioner Frank

a short story

The desert, a road that cannot be built and a man faced with a universal secret and a call to duty…

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Rhymings of a Disintegrating Mind

Compilation of poetry in collaboration with Jonathan D. Lindley.

Please follow this link to investigate further.

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Reckless Writing

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